Decluttering While Unpacking After a Move

Decluttering While Unpacking

When moving, one of the best pieces of advice is to declutter while you are packing up. However, even when the movers get to your new home and start to load your boxes into your home, you may find that decluttering while you unpack can help you get a clutter-free home once and for all!


Why Is This a Good Idea?

You are in a new home, and no one wants to immediately have all the clutter that comes with living in a home, and one of the biggest reasons why decluttering while you are unpacking is always a good option. In addition, you will find that since you are in a new home, you may not have estimated just how much space you have, and decluttering is a must to fit easily into your new home!

Tips for Decluttering While Unpacking

Here are a few tips that can you declutter while unpacking at your new location:

  1. Once you empty a box, instead of compressing this for the recycle bin, leave it open and ready for items that you no longer need at your new location. Keep it with you and toss in those items that you know you do not need anymore.
  2. Go room by room in unpacking, as this will make it much more manageable. Your bedroom is one of the areas to get done first so that you can relax fully in your new home. Then go to the kitchen. You will be amazed at how getting the kitchen unpacked will make it truly feel like home.
  3. After getting unpacked and noticing how many items you have in the box you are ready to get rid of, take a second glance. We all get a little tired of unpacking, so make sure that you are not purging items that you will likely buy again later, as this creates a situation in which you wasted money!


Those who are unpacking and moving into their new home realize that this does take some time to get everything the way you want it. So, take your time. Take a breather when you need to. If you find yourself getting frustrated, it will get done. And for those who know that they have a move coming up, be sure that you are booking your moving date with Dunmar Moving to get the day you want!

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