Downsizing: How to Do This Right

 Many of the moves that we handle here at Dunmar Moving are those who are downsizing their homes. Downsizing a home is very different than simply moving to a new home that is the same size or larger. For those who are facing a downsizing move later, we have a few tips that can make this easier so that you are not overwhelmed and realize that all your stuff is not going to fit into your new home.

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1. Have a Plan

How much space do you have now? How much space will you have in your new home? Knowing the difference between the square footage is going to give you a great idea of what you can take and what needs to go. In addition, don’t overwhelm yourself, start packing and getting rid of things long before the date to move is here.

2. Sort Your Belongings

We suggest having a few piles of items. Those that you must have with you, those that you want to give to someone else such as those heirlooms you have no room for but maybe someone else would want them, and a pile for multiples. You do not need 3 coffeepots, so the extra can be given to someone else or even sold online.

3. Preserve the Memories

While you may not be able to take everything with you to your new home when you downsize, what doesn’t take much room? Photos! You can always take photos of a special something that you want to remember but do not have the room for. In fact, many people have given heirlooms to other family members, but beforehand they take a photo so that they always have this memory with them.

Remember, that when you downsize your home, this is going to be an emotional process. You will find that it is better to start working on this a bit sooner than if you were to be moving normally so that you can have time to remember the good things, and find who to give these items to.

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