Easing Kids into a Move

When moving with kids, you are probably getting tons of advice from parents who have moved with kids, like pack a to-go bag for the car with snacks, or even hire a babysitter to watch your kids while the movers are present since it keeps them from being under foot. However, what can you do to make this move memorable and something that they accept without fussing?

Easing Kids into a Move - Dunmar Moving Systems

Let a Book Help You

And no, we aren’t talking about reading a parenting book. We are talking about getting books for your kids that highlight moves and offer advice for dealing with this. Here are a few suggestions:

– “We’re Moving” by Heather Maisner which is great for kids up to 8 years of age

– “The Bernstain Bears Moving Day” by Stan and Jan Bernstain for kids up to seven years old

– “Hey New Kid!” by Betsy Duffey for kids age seven to ten

– “Anastasia Again!” by Lois Lowry for ages 9 to 12

– “The Kid in the Red Jacket” by Barbara Park for ages 9 to 12

All of these books are about kids having to go to a new neighborhood, a new school, make new friends and the like. The idea is that with these books, your kids are going to realize that they are not alone when they have to move.


Make the Move Memorable

Think of ways that you can make this move memorable for your kids. Depending upon how far you are moving away, you could easily turn this into a road trip type of vacation. Stop along the way and see the sights, check our new restaurants that are along the way, stop and hike through the national parks you are near, and the like. The idea is that the more things you do that makes this move memorable, so that there are no sad memories made when moving, just things that are good!

Remember, when you use professional movers like Dunmar Moving, you are going to find that you do not have to worry about the actual move. Instead, you can focus your attention on the kids and helping them through this move.

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