Enjoying Spring While Social Distancing

Here at Dunmar Moving, we know that several people are practicing social distancing that is being recommended by federal and state governments. However, it may seem like you are being punished, especially as we see more of the Spring weather that makes us want to get out and socialize. With this being said, we have a few ways in which you can still enjoy Spring, while also social distancing.

How to Enjoy Spring While Social Distancing - Dunmar Moving Systems

  1. Make sure that you are putting up that Winter décor and bringing out the Spring décor. Putting in a few lighter spring time colors throughout your home is going to make it feel lighter!
  2. Grow some houseplants in your home to bring the outdoors inside. You will find that there are several companies offering shipping directly to your door of plants if you are wanting to stay home rather than go out to find these items.
  3. Get those Spring chores done! If you are not having as many social gatherings right now, then get those Spring chores taken care of. Deep clean your home, pack up clothing that is out of date or too small to donate later, and the like.
  4. Consider doing some gardening if you have the space. Now is the time to start planning out vegetable and herb gardens. It can give you something to focus on and there is nothing better than fresh veggies and herbs to use in your cooking.
  5. Get outside, while you may be social distancing, be sure to get some fresh air. Step out onto your balcony and enjoy the weather. Or walk around your backyard. Just get out and remember why you are doing what you are doing!

We know it may seem like this will never end…but this too shall pass!

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