Entertaining After Moving Into Your New Home During the Holidays

While moving during the holidays presents its own set of obstacles, for those who are the hub of their family and often host the holiday celebrations, it can be even harder. While you could always hand the reins to someone else to host, many people still decide that they want to be the host of the celebration, especially to show off their new home! With this being said, check our these tips to make hosting a bit easier for those who have just moved into a new home!


  1. Keep the decor simple! While you may go all out when decorating your home in the past, if you have just moved into a new home, you may simply not have the time to decorate in a grand way. Instead, keep this simple. Simple can still be beautiful!
  2. Clean and clean some more! The good news is that when moving into a new home, most people do clean this before unpacking, so this is something that you would have to do anyway! 
  3. Keep the menu simple! While many people think of a holiday celebration as having tons of home cooked foods including ham, turkey and all the sides, why not go with something a bit easier on you? Think of a theme that everyone would like and go with this. For example, some people opt to do an appetizer type of celebration with great wines. Other people may do something a bit more untraditional like a pizza celebration…after all who doesn’t love pizza?
  4. Consider ordering out for the food to eliminate having to cook when you are still getting settled into your new home. There are tons of restaurants that offer full course dinners for the holidays as long as they are paid and ordered ahead of time.
  5. Keep the setup simple and classy in your home. If you have a large dining room table, allow all the foods and drinks to be placed here instead of spreading this throughout your home. You will find that if you can keep everyone in the main part of the house, you can focus more on unpacking here rather than the entire house as a whole!


Remember, when entertaining after moving into a new home during the holidays, everyone is going to understand that this is not the finished product. You may have boxes in some rooms, and that is fine, no one expects you to unpack and have everything picture perfect if you have only been there for a few weeks.

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