Exercises for Moving Day

dunmar moving systems richmond vaWhether you are simply taking out a few boxes to your car, while the professional movers handle the heavy lifting; or attempting a DIY move, there are a few exercises that you can do for moving day that are going to help you to avoid injury. That is why exercising before a move to help strengthen certain muscles is a great way to prepare yourself for a move! Check out these exercises that are going to be easy to do at home and may help to keep you from injury later.

Take a Swim
Love to swim? Be sure to take a few laps at least 3 weeks before a move. This exercise is great for keeping the shoulders strong and mobile. In addition, it is low impact, so if you have physical issues, swimming is often something that you can do with ease!

Take the Planking Challenge
For a long time, the Planking challenge was a huge deal. And it can be great for developing your core and back. The planking challenge is basically seeing how long you can hold the high pushup position. But, while doing this your core and back are going to be building up muscle to keep you strong! You may even try to take a few Pilates classes as this can help with the core and back muscles.

Take the Stairs
Be sure that you are building up your legs, take the stairs when you can. And if you are wanting to challenge yourself do a few lunges each day. You may find it helpful to take a few kickboxing classes as well, since these classes can really build up the leg muscles.

Invest in a Stress Ball
Carrying boxes and holding your hands at awkward angles can put a lot of pressure and stress on your wrists. Therefore, invest into a stress ball and use this to help build up your hands and wrist muscles.

The more you prepare now for your move, the better it will be on your body. Remember, injury is common when moving. That is why many people opt for professional movers. For those who are relocating to and from Richmond, VA and surrounding areas, Dunmar is here for you! Contact us today to arrange your free estimate!

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