Flat Screen TVs: Moving These Safely

When you think about difficult items in your home to move, what do you consider? You may consider that large sectional couch that you have, or maybe even a large bedroom set that has multiple pieces and is super heavy. These pieces of furniture are common for people to stress over when preparing for a move because of their heavyweight and large size, making them much more difficult to move.

But, did you know that flat screen televisions are something that are considered one of the hardest things to move? It is not because of weight, as compared to the older television sets from years ago, these flat screen televisions are super light. It is due to the technology that is easy to break in these flat screen televisions. So, how can this be made easier?

  1. Be sure that all the cords are removed. When moving a television any type of cord that is hanging down can cause you to trip and fall down. While you may not be able to remove the power cord to the television, wrap this up and use a rubber band or twist tie to keep it tied up so that it is not dragging the ground.
  2. Remove the base that the television may be using. You do not want to move this with this on the television, as it just makes it more difficult to move.
  3. Have the right type of box. Ideally, you may still have the original box in which this television came in, which can make moving this that much easier. If not, consider purchasing a box that is meant for flat screen televisions to offer more protection and cushion while moving.
  4. Make sure that this stays propped up while being moved. While laying it down may not cause issues, there are too many times that this does cause issues!

The best idea for moving a flat screen television is to use a professional moving service. Here at Dunmar, we have the tools and experience to move these so that you get into your new home with the television intact.

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