The Forecast Calls for Rain…

You have everything packed, the moving company will be present soon…the problem is that when you look out your window, it is looking as though the rain is not going to let up at all. The good news is that you can still move in the rain. The bad news…it may take a little more preparation on your behalf to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We have a few tips that can help any person moving during the rain to ensure that their belongings are safe and sound! 

Tip 1: Try to get the moving truck as close as possible to the home

This can be easier said than done for many people, especially those who may be moving out of an apartment. However, if at all possible the closer you can get the moving truck to the door that will be used to take the items out of, the better off you will be. This is going to eliminate the need to have all your belongings outdoors any longer than what is necessary.

Tip 2: Wrap as many items as possible

Instead of loading furniture with water standing on it, warp everything you can to help keep the water from these items. For example, many people opt to wrap their furniture in covers, followed by plastic wrap. With this type of setup, water is not going to penetrate those items that are underneath!

Tip 3: Consider makeshift covers

Many people have old tarps or other items lying around, why not makeshift this into covers so that everyone is walking underneath a rain shield? If you have pop up open side tents, these are great for setting up and then allowing people to walk under this, especially if you cannot get the truck as close to the house as you would have liked. Once again, don’t go buy these new, this is only if you have them on hand anyway.

Tip 4: Put some old rugs or cardboard in the entryway

This will ensure that no one slips and falls while going from the inside to the outside and loading the truck. You will want to keep an eye on this, so you don’t cause any hazards that increase the chances of slipping and falling. However, they can be a great way to ensure that people aren’t having to contend with a wet floor.

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