4 Ways for a Great Client-Mover Relationship on Moving Day

Relocating to a new area is never fun. Most people find this to be one of the most stressful things that they will ever have to do in their lives. Moving is considered to be even more stressful than going through a divorce for many people. With this being said, is there anything that you can do to help your movers and make this a pleasant experience for everyone? 

Horror stories can be told about many professional movers who have helped families move before. From the movers breaking items or even stealing them, many people who are moving are thinking the worse immediately. On the flip side of things, many professional movers have dealt with clients who are not prepared for their move, who yell and scream if the movers are going slower than what they think they should and the like. For those who are wanting to have a great move, we have some tips that can help everyone, the clients and the movers, get along better!

  1. No one should be yelling or raising their voices! You can bet our movers are never going to raise their voices at the clients, and the clients should be as courteous. Remember, a move can be stressful and we understand this, but raised voices will not make anything move faster!
  2. Clients should be readily available on moving day, this way if movers have any questions they can be answered immediately.
  3. Clients should be sure to show their movers around the home and point out any special considerations that may need to be made for special furniture or boxes.
  4. Have bottled water on hand for the movers or even snacks. While our movers may bring their own, they will leave this in the truck. And this is something that we notice…when clients think enough of us to offer these things, it makes us feel appreciated.

While a move may be stressful, remember that the movers and the clients should always aim to make the most of this. For us, when clients are ready to be moved, no voices are raised, the client sticks around to make sure that everything goes smoothly and are considerate of the movers…these make for the best moving days!

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