Gym Equipment

Packing and Moving Gym Equipment


Gym equipment is one of those items that we like to say are specialized moving items. Not everyone has gym equipment in their home that they need to move when they are relocating. The key in packing and moving gym equipment to a new location is ensuring that your professional movers know about this beforehand and come prepared to move this. At Dunmar Moving, we have moved tons of gym equipment for homeowners and even businesses, so we fully know what goes into moving this.


For those looking to move these types of items, we do have some tips to remember so that this goes smoothly!

  1. Those small weights that you may have, like hand weights, ankle weights, or even dumbbells, are items you can pack into a box. Just remember not to overpack these boxes in terms of weights. These types of items can tack on the weight quickly. Be sure to wrap these and make the box tight to ensure these items are not rolling around during the move.
  2. Those lightweight gym items like yoga mats and the like can also be packed. Many people find that packing these lighter-weight items with some of the heavier items can help to make the boxes more secure.
  3. You can go ahead and take apart any heavy equipment that you may have. Just be sure that you are noting how to put this back together and keep the screws and other items together so that you can put it back together at your new home.
  4. Go ahead and sanitize your equipment before packing…this is just a great way to avoid taking that “gym smell” with you!


Most importantly, remember that gym equipment is not something that everyone can move. You need to hire professionals to move this for you. Don’t attempt to do this on your own, as you may find that you break the gym equipment or even break yourself due to the weight of these items!

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