Having a Moving Yard Sale

What are you going to do with those items before you move that you no longer want? One of the ways that so many people make a little money while getting rid of items is to have a yard sale. With this being said, don’t think that a yard sale is something that is going to take care of itself. In fact, it can be hard work. One of the ways that so many people are making this work is that they are hiring professional packers for the house, while they sit outside or in the garage to monitor the yard sale. On the other hand, you could opt to have a yard sale weeks before your move so that you know that it is all gone.

For those who are considering a yard sale, now is the time to act. The summertime is the best time to have a yard sale and make some money from this. Here are a few tips to help you get this underway right!

  1. Have prices on your items! There is nothing more annoying to shoppers than going to a yard sale that has no prices. In fact, it may mean that they simply walk out and don’t even look at what you have.
  2. Try to have some organization to the things that you are trying to sell. Have tables and other items that you use to sit things on, you are going to find that the more organized it is, the more people will want to stop in and see what you have.
  3. Try to have this yard sale on a weekend that is nice weather. Consider any major holidays as a time to avoid, as many people are not hitting yard sales on holidays.
  4. Be polite and friendly to those who come in! Even if they don’t find anything, they may tell a friend who later comes in and buys tons of things!
  5. Advertise this! You can use the newspaper, but many people are advertising these yard sales via Facebook and other social media sites for free.
  6. Get ready to put in the time, as a yard sale is often not a one-day event. Many times, this will last all day on Friday and Saturday.

For those who are going to brave a yard sale, good luck. And if you need professional moving services, Dunmar Moving is your best choice!

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