Hidden Costs Associated with Moving.

Did you know that on average, a family is going to move around 7,100 pounds of items from one location to another. Based on this weight, the American Moving & Storage Association has found that an intrastate move is over $1,000, while between states can be over $5,000. Does this figure include everything that you will pay in a move? No. There are several hidden costs that people do not discover until they are amid moving and having to pay more. What are these costs?

There are several situations in which you may be forced to store your items. For example, what happens when you are packed and must be out of your current home, but your future home closing is delayed? Or maybe you sold your home sooner than what you thought? These are those times in which storing your items are going to be a must. Unless you have a kind friend or relative who will let you store your items in their home, paying for a storage unit is the only way to go. The cost of this can be anywhere from $90 to over $200 a month depending upon the size of the unit, whether it is climate controlled and where you are located.

This is a fee that most people do not think of. So, in addition to the actual moving and storing of your items, consider the fact that many utility companies are going to require a deposit to turn on your utilities. This can vary widely, depending upon where you are moving.

While you may be moving the more important items at your home, keep in mind that you are going to have to buy new products upon reaching your new home. For example, stocking the fridge and pantry are just two common replacements that will need to be completed upon move in.

While your moving expensive is the moving company and what they charge, keep in mind that there are several hidden costs, or forgotten costs of moving. Here at Dunmar Moving, we offer quotes that are affordable and fair for your moving needs!

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