Top 5 Historic Locations in Richmond, VA

Have you just moved into Richmond? Perhaps you are considering a move here? For someone who considers themselves a history buff, they are going to find that Richmond, VA is not going to disappoint!

The History of Richmond,VA

Richmond dates to the early 17th century and was a crucial colony when it came to the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. What has made Richmond survive years and years is the fact that they are located near the James River. This has helped to diversify the economy and allowed Richmond VA to be a transportation hub during its earlier years.

Top 5 Historic Must See’s in Richmond, VA

Ready to visit the area? You will find more than enough when it comes to historical locations, so many so that you cannot get through these all in one day! Here are the top 5 must see’s when coming into the area:

  1. Historic St. John’s Church
    Why is this so historical? This is the where the Second Virginia Convention was held, which was just one year prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence! This is a central part of the history that is found in Richmond VA, and often puts on shows, lectures and the like to educate those who come into this area.
  2. Richmond National Battlefield Park Civil War Visitor’s Center
    The Civil War was a huge war for most of the United States, and Richmond VA is no exception to this. Those who visit here are going to find that they can walk the grounds, attend the museum for a small fee, and visit The Visitor’s Center that is located here. Those who come here will find that the artifacts are more than just the typical cannons and rifles that are found at most civil war museums.
  3. Old City Hall
    For those who visit the Capitol, be sure to go next door to the Old City Hall. Only the first floor is open to the public, but you are going to find some really neat examples of old architecture that helped to make Richmond, VA what it is today.
  4. Hollywood Cemetery
    While this is not full of those from Hollywood, this cemetery is one of the most visited cemeteries in the United States, right behind Arlington. There are many civil war generals and other famous personalities that are buried here.
  5. Tuckahoe Plantation
    This is the home of Thomas Jefferson when he was younger and is considered a National Historic Landmark. Today, those who arrive here can tour the area, along with the numerous gardens that are in the area. There are also events held throughout the year at this location.

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