How Can You Make A Move Easier On Your Kids?

One of the biggest concerns many parents have when gearing up for a Richmond, VA., move is how to make it easier for their kids. Moving is never easy for adults, so you can imagine how stressful this can be for kids. While young kids not in school may not feel the stress of moving as much, they will feel all the nerves coming from you. Plus, don’t be surprised if your young children act out when they are in a new place and getting used to a new environment.


What can you do for your school-age children to prepare them for their Richmond, VA., move? Here are a few ideas you can use!


  1. Be sure to talk to them about this move before it happens. The more time you have to prepare your kids, the better it will be.


  1. Ensure your older kids can keep in touch with their friends after moving. This should not be hard to do with all the social media platforms out there!


  1. Talk about the highlights of your new area and how they will be better for the entire family. For example, if you are moving to get into a better school district, explain to your kids why you are doing this and how it will benefit your kids.


  1. Once you have gotten into your new area, spend the weekend exploring this with your kids. See the sights, walk around, and point out how great the new area is so that the kids will realize this move may not be so bad!


  1. Get your kids involved in something in their new area to make new friends and feel like they belong. For example, if you move into the area before the summer rec leagues start, then be sure to sign up your kids to play their favorite sport.


As a parent, you worry about everything with your kids. If you are moving, you may worry even more. While Dunmar Moving cannot take away your worry for your kids and your move, we can handle the actual move’s stress!

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