How Do You Know Your New Area is Safe?

For whatever reason, you have chosen to move. It is your first real night in your new home, but how can you rest wondering if your neighborhood is safe. The sad part is that many people will see a great neighborhood, yet at night, it is not safe. Before you choose a home to move into, we suggest that you do your research to determine if the area is one that you would want to consider.

So, how do you go about determining if you are choosing a safe area to move into? Here are a few suggestions!

  1. Visit several websites to see if there are known criminals in the area. As part of the law, those who are found guilty of certain crimes will have to register that they live in the area.
  2. Take a walk when the lights are leaving the sky and look around at how the atmosphere changes as it gets later in the day.
  3. Talk to neighbors who may be willing to talk to you about this situation.
  4. Consider visiting the website NeighborhoodScout as helps to look at real estate trends, neighbors, demographics, school systems and so much more. It can give you a great idea of how this area is when you may not be there.

If you do find that you are living in an area that may not be as safe as you thought, the only advice we have for you is to make sure that you have locked tend ours of your new home.

When Dunmar takes on a job, we deliver the goods to where they need be, regardless if these are neighborhoods with white picket fences or those that have chain-link around them. We are ready for any moving job you may have!

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