How to Ensure a Smooth Move

A Smooth Move: How You Can Help Us Ensure a Great Move


When you hire Dunmar Moving for your upcoming home or business move, you know that you have great professionals on your side. Therefore, you probably think that this will make your move simple easy. And it really will! However, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind for an even smoother move after hiring us!


  1. Be sure that you are present on moving day. Or, if you cannot be present, have someone there to represent you. Why is this? If we have any questions about items that need to be moved, we need any paperwork signed or the like. Then enjoy the day as the movers get your items loaded up for you! We recommend having a book to read or a fully charged phone so that you can surf social media while we do the heavy lifting.
  2. Make sure that there is a clear path from the moving truck to your home. You don’t want to constantly keep moving a vehicle or obstacles like toys scattered around that movers could trip over. Take a few minutes before movers arrive to ensure that they can easily get from point A (the truck) to point B (your home).
  3. Give the movers a tour of your home and let them know of anything they may need to know. For example, if you are moving out of an apartment, but your roommate is staying, then saying that the roommate’s room is off-limits is something that needs to be known. The more in-depth you go with this, the fewer questions the movers will have.
  4. Be sure that pets and kids are not underfoot while movers are in your home. This can be dangerous for everyone involved. The best advice is to have a sitter for kids and pets to keep them away or even at another location.


Remember, with us on the job, this will probably be one of the best moves you have ever had. These tips are meant to make this easier for everyone!

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