How To Manage Your Moving Expectations

When you think about your upcoming move, what are you imagining? Are you thinking about how the movers will do it all while you sit down and sip on a sweet tea? Are you thinking that on moving day, you will be rushing through your home, making last-minute packing decisions, and feeling the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

Expectations are what we have when it comes time to move. And in managing these and being realistic about these, you are going to find that you enjoy your move more and are less stressed. Or, if you think you will be sitting around sipping sweet tea, you may be disappointed with these expectations.

Realistically, you should expect your move to fall between these two scenarios above. So, how can you make sure you are managing your expectations?


Here are some tips to help you do just that!

  1. Be sure that you have a super detailed moving plan that explains what you need to do, when to do this and all the other vital information. When you have a moving plan, you are planning for the unexpected, and it also helps you get a running time frame on everything, so there is less of a chance for surprises!
  2. Pack everything early so this is ready for the movers. No one wants to be running around on their moving day throwing everything into a box, as this is how you end up losing items or packing things together that should never be in the same box.
  3. Ask questions to your moving company if you have worries. Your moving company should give you information on improving this moving day. You can manage your move expectations by listening to their professional advice.


Here at Dunmar Moving, we are ready to help with your move. And if you do want a move in which you choose a date and are done, then you may want to consider our packing services in conjunction with our moving services. It can take a huge weight off your shoulders since we will handle it all!

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