In with the New, Out with the Old During a Move

Everyone wants their move to be easy! However, how many people can really look back on their move and say this? The good news is that we have one idea that can really help you to make a move easier, which means less stress and panic! With the many years of experience that we have here at Dunmar, we have seen many hints and tips work, while others have failed.

One tip that we have often suggested to movers is to replace those worn-out items upon moving. Why move something that is worn out? Instead, we suggest that you simply dump the worn-out items before moving and have those replacement items sent directly to your home. What items can you do this with? Here are a few suggestions:

  • If your furniture is old, worn out or is something that you simply want to get rid of, donate or trash this before movers arrive to pick your items up. Several companies may pick this up if you simply want to donate this, it is worth your time to check this option out!
  • Your mattress is also one of those items that you need to get rid of before moving if this is worn out. After all, who wants to move and find out that they are sleeping on a mattress that feels lumpy and hard?!
  • Any large item that you are not going to use, is worn out or the like, needs to be gotten rid of before the move. Remember, your move price often depends upon the weight of your items, so not moving those worn out items saves you money as well!

In the above situations, you are going to find that stores you are purchasing these items from will deliver these to your new house, ensuring that you are going to have a home sooner than you thought. For those who are looking for a mattress to put into their new home, they will find that Casper has mattresses and all those extras to make your bedroom a room of tranquility!

Casper also has a few extra tips to help make your move even easier via this infographic. If you are gearing up for a move, don’t forget to call us for help!

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