Intentional Moving

Intentional Moving: A New Method Towards Moving

When it comes time to move, most people think that this is relatively simple. You throw things in a box, seal the box, and load it onto the truck. When you get to your new location, you unload the truck, rip open boxes and start putting items back to where they belong. This is a very simplified version of moving, and for those who think moving is just this and nothing more, they are mistaken.


Moving is not only a physical activity that has to get done by a specific date to make everything work perfectly, and it can also be a mental block. That is where the idea of intentional moving comes from. Every move should be made intentionally for a good reason, which goes back to the question of whether it is time for you to move to a new house or not. Of course, there are always situations where moving may not be a choice but a requirement. This happens when the landlord has decided to sell their property, the job you have is relocating you (which is seen a lot with military members), or maybe you lost your job and have to downsize. In these situations, intentional moving is not going to be an issue.


Intentional moving will allow you to be more organized, be better equipped for what is going to come your way, and overall have your move be one that was simple for everyone. Since moving is considered one of the most stressful situations in your life, the more intentional you are about moving, the better you will feel. For this to be an intentional move, here are some guidelines:


– If you have decided to move, list out the many benefits that this move will offer you.

– Start packing and being intentional about what you are packing. There is no need to fill an entire box of clothing that is too small, which goes along with decluttering as you are packing, since the more weight you have, the more your move will cost.

– Work with professionals that know what they are doing. With our service record here at Dunmar, you will never be sorry that you chose us to handle your move.

– When you get to your new home, start with unpacking essentials and continue to work to settle into your new home and location.


You will find that when you are intentional about the goals that you have for a move, the outcome that you desire for a move, and the like, it will be a moving experience unlike any other.


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