Items that Cannot be Transported During a Move

Items that Cannot Be Transported During a Home or Business Move

When you think about moving and hiring a professional moving team, you may think that everything is taken care of when it comes to this move. The truth is that you are going to find that hiring professional movers like Dunmar Moving does take care of a ton of things when it comes to your moving checklist. However, there are several items that cannot be transported during any home or business move. While we aim to handle everything that your move is going to need, there are several items that we cannot move by law.

Nothing that is Living can be Moved!

Anything that is described as “living” cannot be moved by us at all. This includes plants and animals! This is for the safety of these “living” things in our moving trucks.

Medications Cannot Be Packed

While you can pack up medications to move, this is something that we do not recommend that you do. This way, you are always with your medications while items are being packed onto the truck and moved. We do not want to have any customer in pain or having health issues because their medications are placed on the truck.

Perishable Items are a No-No

We cannot have any type of boxes that contain perishable items. Why is this? It is meant to prevent a situation in which rotting or spoiling food is on our trucks. You can move these yourself with a cooler in your personal vehicle if you have a ton of food that needs to move with you. However, if you are moving a long-distance, you may find that moving perishable items is not going to be possible for you either.

Flammable Items Cannot be Moved due to Federal Law

Federal law prevents any professional mover from moving anything that is considered flammable. These may include propane, car batteries, paint, cleaners, antifreeze, ammunition, weed killer, gasoline, and the list goes on.

When you are ready to move and call us to schedule this move, be sure that you ask any questions about any items that you may be curious about whether we can move these. We will go over items that cannot be moved with you when you call to book your move!

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