3 Ways to Giggle During a Stressful Move

Dunmar Moving Systems Richmond, VAWhen you think of moving…what is your first thought? Horror? Stress? Frustration? Any of these are emotions that we imagine, almost everyone has. There may be nerves of leaving one home and going to a new place, there may be stress from knowing how difficult this move is going to be, and you may even feel horror at having to pack everything up. These are emotions we totally understand! The good news is that when you utilize a professional moving company like Dunmar Moving Systems, a lot of the stress, horror and frustration can be avoided. But, what if you could make moving day one full of laughter? We have a few tips to help you make the most of this moving day and laugh rather than cry!

Lift Your Spirits on Moving Day
Find something that lifts your spirits on moving day. What could this be? Funny memes, funny videos or even a joke of the day. Whatever it is, find something that is going to make you laugh and start this day off right!

Remember This: If You Don’t Laugh, You Will Cry
This is a law of opposites that really does make a difference. During your move if something happens that is awful, for example: the electric company says there was an issue and they can’t turn your electric on until after you have been at your new home for 3 days, laugh, don’t cry! You may feel like crying, but laughter is the best way to relieve stress.

Remember this Mantra “We’ll Laugh About This Someday”
We have all been in those situations in which we may think this is one of those times that we will never get over. However, fast forward several years later, and it may be one of the best laughing memories you have! When moving and something goes faulty, just remember that one day you will laugh about the incident.

Laughter is the best medicine. And when it comes to moving, keep smiling. While you may want to scream at some points, laughter is the best option!

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