Lessons Learned from Moving Horror Stories

Any move, whether across the world or simply across the state, could easily become a horror story if you decide to go with a mover that is less than professional. We have compiled some moving horror stories that will make you think twice about choosing a company who does not have a solid reputation!

Moving day approaches, all the items are packed and ready to load. However, there is one big problem…the movers have yet to show. It is the day of the move and there are no movers to be seen. Instead of seeing boxes being packed out of the house, the family hurries to find another moving company who can come out this minute and get them packed. What happened to the movers? Could it be that they were simply lazy and didn’t want to move that day? Or did they have the wrong date written down for the move? We may never know.

The move went off without a hitch. All the items were packed away, and the movers were on time. It would seem that there is nothing that could make this move go wrong. When everyone arrives at the new home, the movers inform the couple that there are more fees to pay for the move. And without paying these, they will not release their belongings. The dilemma becomes pay the extra fees or go without your belongings for a long period of time.

From these horror stories what lessons can be learned? Always double check with the movers to ensure that the date and time are set properly. Ensure that there is a contract with the fees that are to be paid., so that they cannot add on more fees later, and above all else, do your research on the moving company that you are considering working with. The good news is that with Dunmar Moving, horror stores are not going to be something that you experience. We strive for customer service, and know that during this stressful time, the last thing you need is an unreliable moving company. So if you are moving in the Virginia area, give us a call!

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