Let your Smartphone Help with Your Move

A big part of any move is staying organized! The more organized you are, the better the overall moving experience is going to be. Of course, getting professional movers is one of the best choices to make as they are going to handle the heavy lifting. For those who go the extra step and get professional packers, even less stress is going to be on them during this move. However, even if you get both services that are offered by Dunmar, you are going to find that it still benefits you to stay organized. This is where your smartphone can come in handy!

Before the move you are going to find that there are several apps out there that you can get to help with creating lists, even finding the nearest store for packing supplies and the like. Here are a few crowd favorites:

  1. Moving Planner: A app that provides a moving checklist and planner that you can utilize to help with all aspects of moving. This is a highly ranked app that has been given a 3.98-star rating. It does cost .99 for Android users.
  2. Move Advisor: This is a free pp for both Apple and Android devices. It has checklists along with to-do lists for your move. Home Inventory is another feature of this app. This helps you create an inventory of everything in your home that is to be moved. Once you do this, it calculates just how many boxes and how much supplies you are going to need to get to your new location.
  3. Moving Checklist Pro: This is for Apple users and it does cost .99. However, with the pre-loaded 210 moving related items it can save you time. You can also share lists via email, important for those who may be moving with numerous family members!

Of course, there are numerous other apps out there, however, these are the three most popular for Android and Apple users. For those who want to bypass having to make a list, then professional packers and movers are their best bet. However, do not be surprised if you find yourself making a list of those little things you need to do before a move. If so, any of these apps are going to valuable!

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