What you Should Look for in a Mover

When moving, one of the biggest choices to make is to determine what moving company you are going to go with. After all, most people have heard the horror stories that surround moving companies. These stories range from items being broken, to items being stolen from the clients! Therefore, finding a moving company is such a huge decision to make! So, what should you look for in a moving company?

While you may find moving companies that seem laid back and ready to do the job, are they professionals? Remember, a moving company is taking responsibility for all your belongings in a home. Would you rather go with a company that may have a cheaper rate but never follow through on moving everything? Or would you rather pay an affordable price yet know that your belongings are safe and being respected? A few signs of a trust professional moving company will include:

  • They carry insurance on their vehicles
  • They offer you valuation options to ensure that your belongings are safe
  • The staff they employ are vetted to ensure they are safe to work around people and their belongings
  • They take measure to ensure safety for their employees while moving

It says a lot when moving companies are given awards and recognition for their contributions in the moving industry. If you find a company that has this, then you can guarantee that they are going to be a trustworthy company to go with! Dunmar Moving was given the 2016 Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended Moving Company, a high award that showcases just how professional our movers are! In addition, we have several pleased clients throughout the Virginia area. This type of commitment from a moving company is what a person should expect every time. They should not have to wonder if they are going to get their belongings or if they are working with someone that they can trust.

For those who have worked with Dunmar before, we invite you to nominate us for the best moving company in Richmond via the Richmond Times-Dispatch: http://richmond.secondstreetapp.com/2017-rtd-the-best/enter?category=1056000

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