Looking Forward To Your New Community

Previously we talked about taking this quiet less busy time of year before a Virginia move that may be 2-3 months out, to dream your space using a floor plan to plan furniture placement. See Planning Ahead with Your Virginia Movers. It saves having to rearrange heavy things later after the movers leave. Dunmar Moving Systems has been sharing the Virginia move experience with our customers for over 40 years. We have been there alongside them helping them with everything “moving”. One thing we have learned about the Virginia move process is sometimes it can be fraught with the unknown about where you are heading. How can you make that new destination feel like you are coming home?

These days, the internet makes it so easy to research all about where you are going. While you are anticipating all that you will be busy with in the few weeks and days right before your Virginia move, why not look ahead and learn about your new community? What helps you feel at home in a new community? Here are some suggestions to research ahead of time and help you and your family look forward to your new home community:

Research Before Your Virginia Move

  • Your favorite chain stores and restaurants-many of us like our routine places. You might enjoy finding out that the stores you enjoy shopping at can also be found where you are moving.
  • Parks-Perhaps you love the outdoors and enjoy walking, running, biking, kayaking. Check out the parks that are near your new home and the facilities they have.
  • Fun places for kids-If you have children, they can look forward to what is available in your new community for them.
  • Local contractors-Perhaps over the years, you have become attached to your short list of home maintenance contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers etc. The internet makes it very easy to research reputable trusted contractors who are ready to serve you in your new community. You can enter your new home with a new short list for anything you may need right away.
  • Place of Worship-A fine way to connect with your new community is through your faith. Find your denomination and make the call to introduce yourself and family.
  • Community Centers-Check on-line to see if your new community has a community center where you can make connections or learn more about your community.
  •        Local businesses-Sure, we all like our comfort chain stores and/or restaurants but it is fun to explore what is unique about where you are going. Check out business directories or city/town websites to read about privately owned stores, boutiques, and restaurants. You may find that you cannot wait to visit some of these locally owned businesses.


This should give you much to read and discover about where you are headed. Take advantage of all the ways the internet can help you warm up to your future community through photos, videos, reviews and guides all to do with your future home.

If you have kids, get them involved and give them some things on the list to research and see what they can find out. They will most likely enjoy sharing their excitement over what they find. They might think it is fun and feel a sense of involvement. Check back in the next few weeks for more ideas and resources that help you feel more at home wherever your Virginia move takes you. Dunmar Moving Systems likes to help you feel at home no matter where you are. Have fun!

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