Make Decluttering Easy Before a Move

One of the biggest ways that you can make moving easier is to declutter your home before the move. However, it is often easier to say that you will declutter than actually doing this. We have a few tips that will help guide you in the decluttering process so you are only moving the items that you truly want! 

  1. Be sure to give yourself at least two weeks to sort and get rid of items. Don’t try to do this at the last minute, it will be harder.
  2. Work on one room at a time to completely declutter before going onto the next room.
  3. Never second guess yourself. If you say you don’t want it, then don’t keep it!
  4. It is easy to get frustrated when decluttering, so remember to take breaks. Don’t try to go at this for hours on end, as you will be more likely to make the wrong decision for some items when you are frustrated.
  5. Start with the bigger items first, so that you can make more room in your home for those smaller items that you need to declutter.
  6. Have three categories for your clutter to be separated into. Most professionals recommend: sell, donate and junk.

Decluttering can be just as stressful as the actual move for many people. However, this should be a process that not only helps to get rid of items that you don’t use but can help to make the move a bit easier. That is why everyone should be decluttering before a move. And if you do need help, it is only a phone call away. Dunmar has decluttering solutions for those in Richmond who need a professional to help with getting through all of these items!

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