Make Unpacking Fun

Can unpacking in a new home be fun? It can be…if you do it right! For those who have recently moved, the idea of unpacking and getting everything where it needs to go can be just as stressful as packing up and leaving your previous home. However, here are some ways that people have made unpacking a bit more fun!

  1. Have a race

If you are unpacking with the family, make this a race. But, make sure that in the rules you state, you can’t just dump the box in the middle of the floor…this is especially important with kids. Have a race to see who can get a box unpacked the fastest. You can all work in the same room or different rooms, this is up to you. You may want to make sure that the box doesn’t have breakables, since this could be a recipe for disaster.


   2. Make sure to have a reward system in place

For every ten boxes you unpack, take a break and enjoy a snack or a drink. You will find that by rewarding yourself, you are going to be more eager to get everything unpacked in a timely manner. For kids, you may want to offer a gummy snack for every three boxes they help to unpack or something along those lines.


   3. Crank the music


Everything is more fun with music. After all, how many people clean their homes sto music or workout to music? These are not exactly fun tasks but the music helps to make them more bearable!


   4. Hide presents in boxes


This will require that you do this during the packing process and is geared towards parents more than anything. However, imagine the delight when a kid opens a box of their clothing to unpack and find their favorite candy?! It will make them want to see what other treasures may be hidden in boxes.


And of course, for those who have kids, be sure that you let them have some fun with the boxes. Whether they want to build a fort or a race car, let them have some fun!

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