Mistakes Made When Moving Pets

When you read about moving with pets, you are given tons of information. So much so, that you can feel overwhelmed. But, for many people, knowing what mistakes that people make when moving with their pets is one of the best ways to know what they need to do when moving with their own pet.

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Mistake 1: They leave their pets in the home while movers are there moving

Why is this a mistake? It can be too easy for your pet to get out of the home when movers are moving items in and out of the home. If you have to do this, be sure that they are put into a separate room and that there is a sign on the door that tells everyone to keep this door closed. The best idea is to let someone keep your pet on moving day.


Mistake 2: Washing the pet bedding before you get into your new homepage

It seems like a good idea to have everything clean and ready to go when getting into your new home. However, you may want to hold off on washing the pet bedding. You will find that the comforting scents associated with their pet bedding can help them settle into their new home with ease.


Mistake 3: Changing the pets routine

It can be hard to stick to your pets routine when moving. However, it is a must to keep your pet calm! If you normally take your dog for a walk around 5 pm, try to hit this time even at your new home. Yes, you may be busy with unpacking, but take a time out and tend to their needs!


Here at Dunmar Moving, we love pets, and we want all these furry friends to feel at home in their new locations!

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