Moving a Vehicle

When a family decides to move, often time they arrange for a moving truck for all their belongings. But, what happens when you have more vehicles than licensed drivers? This is where Dunmar can come in handy. We do offer vehicle transportation services, that are a great addition to our moving services. Imagine the worry that is lifted when you can have your vehicles shipped to your new home, rather than having to ask friends or family to drive these for you. It does make moving a bit easier.

With this being said, here are a few things to know about having your vehicle transported for your move:

  1. You will be given the option to utilize open or enclosed transport. The most common is open transport. You have seen these cars being moved from one area to another via truck. The vehicle is going to be exposed to the elements. The enclosed transport will have your vehicle being loaded into the truck where it is protected from the elements. In most cases this is reserved to those vehicles that are show cars, antiques or the like, when the elements could cause damage.
  2. Consider getting coverage for this period when your vehicle is going to be moved. While Dunmar goes to the extremes to ensure that your vehicle is protected while in our possession, there are always accidents that could happen. For example, if the truck were to drive through a hail storm and your vehicle receives damage. You want to ensure that your insurance is going to cover the vehicle in these conditions.
  3. The vehicle will be picked up at your home and delivered to your new address. The time frame is going to be given to you when you schedule for this service. If you do not get your vehicle on time, then a rental car is given to you so that you are not having to be without. However, we strive for on time deliveries, it is only in severe cases that delivery is postponed.
  4. Ensure that you do not leave your belongings in the car, as no moving company is going to be responsible for those items. Treat this situation as you would if you were dropping your car off at the mechanic’s shop, you would take out personal belongings when doing this, and you should do the same when having your vehicle transported.

Moving is often a difficult task, but with these additional services, you can make it much easier on you and your family.

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