Moving and Decluttering: How We Can Help

For those who are wanting to move, they are going toclutter find that selling their current home may be the first item on the list to do. And how can you make this easier on you? Did you know that a home that is decluttered and neat is often one of the best ways to reel in buyers for you home? It most definitely is, and it is one of the first things that realtors will suggest. So, can Dunmar Moving help you with this? We can!

How can we help? We offer decluttering services that come into your home and help to pack up whatever it is that you need to move out, along with providing out SMARTBOXES to store these items into. We have three options with our decluttering service that includes:

-DIY: Where we deliver 3 SMARTBOXES for you to store the goods in on your own.

-ASSIST: We will deliver 3 SMARTBOXES and provide 2 professionals to help load them into the SMARTBOXES for a total of 8 hours, and even assist with the items that are to be donated.

-ULTIMATE: This is our ASSIST option along with an additional 4 hours of moving management meant to help organize and sort the home.

Declutter can be a huge undertaking when you have so much other items on your to-do list. Dunmar Moving wants to make this easier for you, and with our SMARTBOXES, you know that your items are safe until you are ready to move into a new home. Who knows, it could be the decluttering that helps to sell your home faster! Learn more about our decluttering options! here

For those who are ready to move, but need help decluttering, we have you covered! Just contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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