Moving and the Emotions Associated with a Move

Moving and the Emotions Associated with a Move

 Here at Dunmar, we always pack and move individuals, families, and businesses to a new location. We are the professionals that can give you some great tips on packing and help make your move stress-free. However, even though we handle the bulk of your move, there are still tons of emotions associated with moving that have nothing to do with the packing of items and shipping these to your new location.


It is Normal to Feel Sad

One of the most prominent emotions from most who move is a sense of sadness at leaving their current location, which is normal! You may have spent years at this location, and this has essentially been your “home.” Home is the location where you are free to be yourself, where you made great memories and may have even expanded your family at this location. So, yes, feeling some sadness is to be expected. It is normal to shed a few tears and feel like the end of an era has come.


How to Cope with Sadness From a Move

The key in getting over this sadness is to realize that this is short-lived. What were your reasons for making this move in the first place? Focusing on the positives as to why you are moving will help you put this sadness where it needs to go. This is extremely important for those who have children who are feeling this sadness…focus on the positives and talk about how this move will be better in the long run.

We also recommend that you take some time to see the beauty and positives of your new place when you get to your new location. For example, take in the great restaurants that are just now right down the road, let the kids enjoy the park just across the street, and ultimately get to know and love your new area. This can help to put the sadness of leaving your old home into perspective.

Remember, once you settle into your new home, new memories will be made, and it will only be a short time until the sadness over a move ends!

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