Moving Back Home? 4 Tips For This Transition

Did you know that since 2020, there have been more adults moving back into their parents’ homes or even closer to their parents than ever before? For those who are moving back into their parents’ house, for whatever reason, whether this is short-term or long-term, here are a few tips to help with this transition!

1. Be sure that you talk first. As an adult moving into your parents’ house, you have become accustomed to your own rules and the like. Everyone should sit down and talk about the rules, division of house chores, and the like for your stay.

2. Be sure that you downsize your items before moving back in. And if you do not want to part with those items because you know this is a short-term thing, then be sure to move items into a storage unit to hold until you are out on your own again.

3. Boundaries are needed for everyone. Your parents have boundaries, you have boundaries, and each party should respect these boundaries. This is an important tip for those who are moving closer to their parents and something that everyone needs to discuss.

4. Are you taking time for your mental health? Moving back home or even closer to your parents can bring about a lot of feelings. However, you must ensure your mental health is where it should be. Having a nervous breakdown or anxiety attack from this move will not help you feel better about this move.

Whether you are between finding a new house and vacating your old, you are looking to help out your aging parents, or you need a place to stay while getting your life in order, it will be a hard transition. However, hopefully, with these tips, you can make this transition happen faster.

For those who are moving, remember that Dunmar Moving can help move items into an already established home. Many people are under the false assumption that professional movers are just for moving into a new home. But, we handle moving into parents’ homes, putting items into storage units, and much more!

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