Moving Boxes

After a Move: What to do with those moving boxes?


After you have moved into a location and unpacked, you have tons of boxes just sitting around. You will not feel as though you have fully moved in until these boxes are out of the way. So, what do you do with all these boxes? We have a few ideas!


  1. Keep the boxes! Disassemble these and flatten them, then tie these up with string and store them somewhere. You may find that you must use them again if you plan on moving soon.


  1. Recycle these boxes. There are tons of recycling centers that will take these boxes and recycle them for you.


  1. Let your kids build a fort out of these and have a fun time. Let them have some paint, crayons, or markers to decorate these with and let the imaginations soar! Then when the boxes are demolished, it will be time for them to go to the recycling center.


  1. Give these away to those who may need them. You never know if your neighbor may be moving soon and could take these off your hands.


  1. Research some DIY home projects that may have need for cardboard and do these in your new home. Not only will it use these cardboard boxes, but you will find that you will have your home feeling more like “home” with these personal and creative touches.


You want to try to avoid just throwing these into the trash, as these can be recycled so there is no reason that they should end up in a landfill somewhere.

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