Move in Day with Kids: 3 Tips to Make this Safe

When moving into a new home with children, it is always important that you take a few moments to child proof a home. Most parents are worried about getting the kids bedrooms set up, finding their favorite toys and the like, but remember a child proof home can help parents to avoid a trip to the ER in their new town. We have a few tips that will allow you to do this as soon as you move in, so you don’t have to worry about your kids being in danger and you can get to the important task of unpacking your belongings!  

Have a Safety Kit

Before you move into your new home, take the time to prepare a safety kit of all that you will need to childproof your new home. A few suggestions:

  • Outlet protectors
  • Gates that you need for stairs
  • Locks for the cabinets that can be installed quickly
  • Doorknob locks

Load these items into your car rather than the moving truck so you have them as soon as you arrive!

Consider Having Kids Not at the Home

Many parents find it easier to unpack and move into a new home when their kids are at a friend’s, daycare or even with family. This way, you can get everything done without having kids under your feet or getting into things that they do not need to get into. If you don’t have this option, consider an activity kit that your kid can sit down and do while you are dealing with childproofing the home and the movers.

Never Stack Boxes Too High

Since you do have kids moving around the new home, be sure that the movers do not stack your boxes too high. Most people opt for a two-box level or three box level. You don’t want the kids to play with these stacked boxes like they are a mountain for climbing, which is what kids are going to do when they see such a fun looking idea!

For those parents who are moving with kids, it can be even more stressful. However, this does not have to end up with a trip to the ER or having to dig out the first aid kit. With these tips you can make the home safe and ready for your kids!

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