Moving? Donate Items to Salvation Army

When you are moving, one of the best tips that you will ever get is to make sure that you are getting rid of those items that you no longer use or need. Many times, those who have a ton of items that they do not need to move will find that they can make someone else life a bit better by donating these to an organization. And one of these organizations is the Salvation Army!

Moving? Donate Clothes and Other Items - Dunmar Moving Systems

What is the Salvation Army?

This is a faith based charity that provides disaster relief, after school programs, food pantries and stores in which people can find gently used, affordable clothing and housewares, as well as furniture and even used vehicles. The charity works to make life better for those who may be on hard times right now. And have you noticed those Christmas trees during December, asking for donations for a child? The Salvation Army is behind that as well. For this reason, they are a great organization to donate your items to if you are looking to get rid of a few things before you move.

Why Donate Your Items?

So, why should you donate your items to such an organization as the Salvation Army? You will find that there are many reasons!


  1. This can save you money on your move! You will find that the less items you have to move, the less you are going to pay for this move.


  1. The more items that you donate, the less that you have to pack, which is going to help you to simplify the packing process.


  1. It can help someone who is in need. If you are lucky enough to move into a new home, because you got a promotion or even a new job, realize that there are just as many out there who are struggling to put food on the table. When you donate those items that you no longer need or want, you are helping someone else.


  1. Donating these items is going to start your move off to a great start! Imagine, you are going to have a clutter free home because you took the extra time to donate those items that you no longer need.


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