Moving Easier

Ways You Can Help Make a Move Easier


When professional movers are hired to handle a move, many people think that their job is done. They hired the movers and everything else will be handled. Here at Dunmar Moving when we are hired, we come in and are ready to get a person moved. If they do not hire our professional packers, then they do have to make sure that they are packing their belongings before we arrive. For those who hire our professional packing services, then our team will come in and start packing for them as well. But are there things that people can do before the professionals arrive to make this move even easier? Yes!

4 helpful tips:


  1. Clear a path.


No matter who is packing and moving everything, make sure that there is a clear path to get from room to room, out the door to the moving truck. Without a clear path is can take longer for the entire moving process, and it could also lead to injury.


  1. Do some measuring.


Are all your items going to fit into the new home? If not, why move them? Instead, donate these to someone in need who needs this furniture. In addition, you will find that moving items that you are not going to be able to fit into your new home is just wasting time and money for everyone.


  1. Keep the kids and pets somewhere else while movers and packers do their job.


If you can let the kids and pets go to a family members home, you will find that this can make the job easier and faster. Too many times pets and kids both are excited about changes that are happening, and they can easily get underfoot and get hurt. Plus, pets have been known to run out of doors into the neighborhood due to the stress that a move places on them.


  1. Be available while movers are at your home.


Many people make the mistake thinking that because they hired professional movers, they can just walk away. However, we always prefer that someone be at the home at the same time. Why is this? This way if there are questions, these can be answered. If there are concerns about a piece of furniture, you can make these known.


For those who are planning their upcoming move, these extra considerations can make a move go even more smoothly when you work with Dunmar Moving.

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