4 Moving Hacks That Actually Work

For those who are moving, a quick Internet search is going to give them hundreds upon hundreds of moving hacks that they can try. Some of these hacks work and some of these are not so stellar. How can you decide which ones you should use and which ones to dump? Check out these 5 hacks that we know works as several customers have used these in the past! They are worth your time!

Hack 1: Towels, blankets and pillows are great for protecting fragile items!

Many people find that using their towels, pillows and blankets in the boxes of fragile items is even better than bubble wrap, and more cost effective.

Hack 2: Wrap Cling Wrap around the tops of liquids to avoid spills

Even if you feel like a lid is on a liquid tightly, this is still a tip to utilize. Take Cling Wrap, put this onto the opening of the bottle, then refasten the lid on to this bottle. This will ensure that no spills happen!

Hack 3: A wardrobe box is a must have!

This can help you to avoid packing all those clothes into boxes, you can simply transfer from closet to the wardrobe box, which makes unpacking even easier!

Hack 4: Take a trip to your local alcohol store and get wine boxes!

Wine boxes are amazing for storing glassware and the like, since the box already has the compartments that will fit your drinking glasses, wine glasses and any other small items like this with ease. Many people find that these free boxes are the way to go when moving these glasses.

What hack have you used in the past that has worked? Share it with others so that their moving day can be as easy as yours was. And if you are planning a move, remember that Dunmar Moving Systems is here for all your moving needs!

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