Moving In A Week: Tips To Help

Did you just find out that you need to move? Maybe you only have a week to get this underway. What will you do?! A week to get out of a home and into a new one is possible…however, it is going to take a ton of work! First off, be sure to call Dunmar Moving Systems to see what we can help you do. While we recommend calling a month or so in advance to a move, we understand that there are situations that may not be in your control that result in having to move within a few days or a week.

With this being said, here are a few tricks that can help you with packing up and getting out of your current place in a short time frame!

Get Some Help

We cannot state this enough! Get some help as there is no way that one person or even a family is going to get everything done in a few short days. Ask your friends and family to help. If you do not have this option, then consider professional packers.

Have Supplies Galore

Be sure that you have supplies galore on hand so you don’t have to leave the house to get more, which takes away precious packing time!

Pack Now and then Sort it Later

We all love the idea of packing up everything in a certain order which does make it easier to unpack later. When you are moving on a deadline and only have a few days, you are not going to have this luxury of sorting items. Instead, pack it all now and then sort it when you get to your new home.

Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need

While you may not have the time to declutter everything, you should not pack what you know you are not going to use later. This takes extra time, extra supplies and will add extra weight to your overall move.

Is moving within a week possible? It is possible, but it will cause a lot of stress on you. Reach out to the professionals for as much help as you need, as this is going to make it much easier to deal with!

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