Tips for Moving in With Someone

Are you moving in with someone for the first time? Whether this be a new roommate, your best friend, a future spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend…moving in together is a huge step. And it can be stressful! Not only may you be moving away from your parents for the first time, it may also be the first time that you are living with someone else. While we can help with the move of your household items, we also have a few tips that can help those who are taking on this new venture in their lives.

For those who are moving in with someone for the first time, the best advice that we can give: PLAN! Plan out everything, talk about everything that is involved with making a move, and be sure that you are both on the same level. For example:

  • Talk about when the move should happen, you both should be happy with the moving time frame
  • Are you a clean freak? Maybe they are the total opposite? These are two things that you need to plan for!
  • How much space will each of you need? Plan this all out before moving in together!

Secondly, be sure to communicate with one another. Be open and honest about the moving process and even after you have moved in together. We recommend sitting down once a month for the first few months of this life change and discussing what is working and what is not. Remember, moving in with someone is a process and it will probably not be perfect right from the start.

You are going to feel stress with making this move, but remember there are tons of ways that you can deal with the stress of moving. We can help to minimize some of your stress by doing the heavy lifting. Be sure to call Dunmar Moving when you are ready for your move!

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