Moving Into a New Home Office

With the current times that we are facing, several people are making their home more than just a home. This has become their office, as they are no longer going into work regularly. It can be frustrating to be constantly in at your home…we know this. Everyone wants to have the option of doing what they want, whether this is working from home, going out to eat at their favorite restaurant or the like. While things are starting to open up, many people are still working from home. And this may be a trend that sticks…many companies are deciding to let certain workers work from home as it has proven to be just as productive. For those who are facing this new reality, they may be looking to move into a new home that offers them their own office space, which is understandable!

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As moving professionals, Dunmar Moving has moved hundreds of people into homes that had their own dedicated office space. Here is some advice that we can pass onto those that are thinking about this type of move:

  1. Be sure that the space is large enough for what you need to do. Too many people find that after getting their belongings into the office, it is not near as large as they had thought. Do some measurements and make sure it fits your needs.
  2. Is the location of the office away on its own? Many people have their offices located on the same side as bedrooms to ensure that they have a quiet space to work in.
  3. Make sure that it has a door that can be closed, rather than the room being an open concept. This is especially true of those who are easily distracted.
  4. Overall, be sure that this is a space that you can see yourself in.

Once you find the home that has your dream office, along with meeting your other needs, be sure that you are labeling boxes that are needing to go to this new home office to make unpacking easier. Our crews will place these boxes into the room to ensure that you only have to unpack, rather than physically move these boxes on your own!

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