How Does Moving into an Apartment Differ from a Home?

Here at Dunmar Moving we have helped numerous people How_Does_Moving_into_an_Apartment_Differ_from_a_Home-move into their new homes. Whether these homes are stand-alone houses or an apartment within a building. One of the most common questions we are asked, is how does these two moves differ from one another. This is a great question, and people are right, these are not the same type of move.

There are several aspects that are worried about when moving into an apartment rather than a stand-alone home. For example:

  • Is there an elevator or stairs to the apartment?
  • How is the parking situation?
  • Does the apartment have strict rules for when noise can be made in the hallways of the apartment building?

These are all questions that will tell us just how we should proceed. And these are questions that we are going to ask the customer who is using our services.

So, what are the considerations that we may make when moving a person into an apartment building? Here are a few that we have done in the past:

  1. We scheduled the move in time during the workday after most people have left the building and are not planning on returning until the end of the day. This allows our movers to have more control over going in and out.
  2. The customer may have asked the building owner for access to an elevator for a certain period of time, if the apartment building has an elevator.
  3. Special parking permission has been granted, allowing the moving truck to park as close as possible to get into the building.
  4. There have been times that parking is an issue during the day, and the city itself had to provide permission to park in a no parking zone when unloading the belongings.
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