Moving into an Apartment: How to Make this More Efficient

Moving into an apartment is not the same as moving into a single-family house. There are often several things that you have to contend with, such as elevator use, parking lot issues, or even city street parking issues. For those who are going to be moving into an apartment, we have several tried and true tips that can make this more efficient!

Tip 1: Make any changes, upgrades and any cleaning before moving in

An apartment has limited space when compared to a stand alone home. So, to make it easier on everyone, make sure that you make changes such as painting, new flooring and the life before moving in. Of course, check with the landlord to determine if you can make these types of changes. Also be sure that you are having the home sprayed for pests and the like before moving in!

Tip 2: Create a floor plan of the new apartment

Sit down and create a floor plan of the new apartment to make it easier to figure out where your items are going to be placed. Remember, when using a professional moving company they are going to place these items wherever you want, so take the time to decide where before arriving. This can help to save time in the long run!

Tip 3: Start to declutter

For those who are moving into an apartment from a larger home, they are going to have to declutter and get rid of some items in most cases, since apartments are a bit smaller. You will want to get rid of those items that you no longer need or want. And if you cannot make up your mind with what to part with, you can always rent a storage unit to put those items in that you do not want in the apartment, but do not want to part with either.

Tip 4: Contact the apartment superintendent for information on how to work with professional movers in the complex’

Take the time to determine how professional movers can gain access to your new apartment. There are some apartment complexes that prefer professional companies only come during the work day after the initial time of people going off to work so people are not annoyed with the elevator being slower. Other times, the apartment complexes will allow professional movers to have full access to the elevator and a special parking spot while moving in a tenant.

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