Tips for Moving Items Into Storage

An option for many when they are moving from one home to another, is putting some items into storage units. Why do people do this? There are several scenarios that make this a wise decision. For example: perhaps the home you are moving into isn’t ready yet, or maybe you are downsizing when you move, thus some items are going to have to go into storage or be given away. Storage units are something that most people have used at least once in their life. However, for those who are new to these units, here are a few tips for moving items into these!

  1. Remember that you need to reserve your storage unit asap! Why is this? During peak moving seasons, more people are using these units, so you may find that if you wait, there will be no unit for you to utilize.
  2. Consider getting climate control on these units, as this can make your items safer. Valuable items and those that are fragile are often affected if they are put into a hot storage unit.
  3. How is the security at the unit you are considering? You want your items to be safe, even if these are items that you are considering getting rid of later, no one wants to find out that these items have been damaged.
  4. Remember, you are going to have to move these items into the storage unit on your own, so this is an added step in the moving process for many people. A great alternative is to use our SMARTBox option that comes to you and we can help with!

If you are ready to move, let us help. We have the pros that can handle your move, no matter the size!

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