Moving Soon? Virtually Design Your New Space

For those who are moving soon, one of the tips you probably heard is to make sure you have an idea of where your belongings will go once you move into your new home. This can be a great way to determine if you need to move everything or if some things need to be donated.


The problem many people have is that they cannot visualize how their items will look in their new home. That is why virtually designing the space can be helpful!


Here are a few free apps that you can use that are great for virtually designing your space so you can have an even better idea of whether your huge sectional couch will fit into your new space!


  1. Room Planner


This app offers a free version that will allow you to draw your floor plan and design the room in one place. It will not have a huge list of furniture and items you can place throughout the designed room, but it will fit your needs for moving easily.


  1. Homestyler


This app makes a list because it allows you to take a photo of the space and edit it to get an even more in-depth look at what furniture you can fit into the room. It will also allow you to make some interior changes if you want to see how the room would look painted.


  1. Sweet Home 3D


This is an easy-to-use platform that is going to allow you to customize your designs however you want. It is quick to start and gives you a rough idea of how to place furniture throughout your home.


  1. Homestyler


This is a quality app you can access via the web that will be super easy to learn and use. You will find that it has just about any furniture you could place into this new home, giving you an excellent idea of what to do in your new home.


If you Google free design apps, you will find even more options for you to choose. These give you a good starting point for your upcoming move. And remember, if you are moving and want to make this as stress-free as possible, call the professionals at Dunmar Moving for moving and packing services.





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