Moving Tips for Cold Weather

Moving Tips for Cold Weather


While the Richmond, Virginia area sees its fair share of cold weather, we are lucky that we don’t know the winter weather that tons of other states see during their winter months. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for the obstacles that cold weather can throw your way during a move. We have a few tips that can make your move flow a bit better when cold and winter weather hits!


  1. Dress for the cold weather! While you may be packing and making sure everything is on the truck, remember that you need to dress for cold weather. We suggest light layers to remove when you get warm and add it back if you get cold.


  1. Make sure that the driveway and walkway are clear of snow and ice. Many people take the time to salt their sidewalks when there is ice to ensure that movers have no issues, which is greatly appreciated!


  1. When we say dress for cold weather, we also need to point out the choice of footwear is something to focus on here as well. Make sure that your shoes have good traction and are warm if the temperature is frigid.


  1. Make sure that you have some old towels that you can throw on the floor at the entrance if there is snow or rain to keep your floors clean and avoid anyone slipping.


  1. Remember that if this cold weather takes a turn for the worse and there is a hazard to professional movers doing their job, we will reschedule this move; This is for the safety of everyone involved.


Here at Dunmar, customers always come first, and we want to ensure that you are safe and warm during a move in cold weather!

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