Moving TLC For Your Mattress

What is the one piece of furniture that needs special attention while moving? Most people may say that every piece of furniture needs to have TLC when moving, now they may not be wrong, but we are talking about your mattresses. When mattresses are not properly packaged during a move they can ultimately end up broken. If you are not careful, that broken mattress is going to feel like lying on a lumpy sack of potatoes! What can you do to make sure that your bed arrives in one piece and remains as comfortable as ever? Here is our advice! 

1. Be sure that you hire professional movers to help with those larger items, including the mattress. Professional movers will have all the tools and supplies needed to make sure that this mattress will be positioned correctly in the truck and transported into your new home.
2. Always remove all the bedding before a move and pack this up into boxes or even vacuum sealed bags.
3. Consider placing the mattress itself into a plastic mattress bag to help avoid dirt and moisture from moving this. You can do this easily with the help of a friend or two!
4. Having a box that can fit the mattress is a great way to add extra protection while moving. Ask your movers about receiving a mattress box to ensure that the mattress is protected.

A few things not to do while moving a mattress:
– Never move a mattress on the top of a car! This is a huge moving fail that is seen frequently throughout the US.
– Don’t try to move this mattress on your own because it is too heavy and you are more likely to suffer an accident or break the mattress.

Remember, for those who are moving in the area, Dunmar Moving is here for you. We will ensure that your items, including the mattress, are moved just as if they were our own!

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