Moving Valuables: What To Remember

Many people who move have valuables that they do not want to lose or have broken. These valuables may have a monetary value or they could simply be something that has more sentimental value thus no price can be set on these items. So, what should you know about moving these?

Make Sure You Use the Right Moving Company

Sadly, the moving industry is full of companies that are not on the up and up. They are going to take advantage of price gouging, and then not performing the duties that you hire them for. In these cases, your valuable may be at risk of getting broken or lost, simply because these are not real professional moving companies. Luckily, you will find that working with Dunmar is working with the best professionals in the field. We treat your items as we would our own and we take great care with those items that are considered valuables. 

Consider Moving Valuables on Your Own

Many people decide that they will move their valuables on their own. Whether this is jewelry or other items, they simply pack these into their own car to move. This is one idea if you are unsure of whether you want to part with these during a move.

Crates are Great for Large Valuables

Many moving companies offer crating services that are a bit safer than boxes. This is often used for those large valuables like paintings and the like that are not going to be safe in a regular box. This is something worthy of consideration if you have these types of valuables.

Talk with your Moving Company

Above all else, talk with your moving company and see what they can do to help ensure your valuables are safe while moving. You will find that the movers at Dunmar will assist you in any way that we can to ensure that your items are safe, all your times, including the valuables!

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