Moving with a Wine Collection: Tips to Remember

For many people who love wine…they collect bottles of this that they are saving for a special occasion or for whenever they decide to open up a nice bottle. However, moving wine bottles is not something that you should just throw into a box and walk away. Wine bottles have to be packed with care, and there are other tips that go along with moving wine bottles.

How to Pack Wine

You are going to find that the best way to move wine is through specialized wine boxes. These boxes are designed to keep the bottles safe from being cracked. From there, you can opt to wrap these bottles to add even more layers of padding. 

Are you going to move this yourself? Many moving professionals will state that you are fine to let the professionals handle this for a local move. However, when it comes to an interstate move, you may find that the bottles are going to suffer from temperature fluctuation that ultimately affects the wine. This is something that you are going to want to discuss with your movers!

Extra Tips to Remember

There are several other tips that you are going to want to keep in mind when moving wine bottles to your new location. Remember these:

  1. A good rule of thumb to follow is to allow for 7 days of rest for your wine for each day that it was in transit. Why is this? Because when being moved, wine can actually lose some of the flavor if opened too soon after being moved.
  2. Be sure that you are packing red vintages in the proper way. Remember, some of these red wines need to be placed on their side or upside down when being stored.
  3. The cord needs to always stay wet when being moved. Otherwise, you are going to have wine bottles that arrive that are missing wine!

Remember, when you are moving wine, you may have some pieces that are worth a lot of money. In many ways, a wine collection is considered a high-end luxury collection. So, be sure that you are working with professional movers who have the reputation for moving these types of goods.

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