Moving Your Bike

Moving Your Bike To Your New Home

When you think about a bicycle in your home, you probably do not give it much thought when it comes time to move. However, if you do not take a few extra steps to make sure that this is going to move easily, then you may be disappointed. What most people do not realize is that when you don’t take any extra steps to move this, chances are it will be thrown on top of the boxes in the truck or wedged in between furniture. And while this can be okay, if you are moving a long distance, it could result in your bicycle not being what it was when you get to your new home.


Remove Some Elements of Your Bike for Better Travel

There are several things that you can remove from your bike to make travel better. What can you remove? You can remove the chain, the handlebars, the pedals, and the seat. You can opt to pack these into their own box, just be sure that you are wrap these to ensure that they are safe while moving. You will also want to remove the front wheel to make this easier to pack into a bicycle box.

Yes, Get a Bicycle Box!

They do make bicycle boxes that you can store these bikes into, and they offer so much more protection when moving. You will find that using bubble wrap and tons of packing materials, you can make this box super secure for moving. By putting the bike into a box, it makes it easier to move to your new home, and it makes it safer.

Get Professional Help

If you are a novice at taking apart your bicycle, then do not be afraid to ask for help. Your professional movers can offer some advice on how to move this bicycle to ensure that it is safe when it arrives at your new home. You can also visit a professional bike shop and ask for some tips on how to pack this and move this, as they may offer you the option of letting them do it for you.

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