Businesses: Should you Move your Location?

For many businesses, they find that one of the main reasons that they decide to move is that they are dealing with shortage of space. Making a business move can be a very hectic move and in some cases, even controversial. Why is this? If you are providing service to the consumer market, customers may be upset if you decide to move your location. That is why a business must seriously consider if moving to a new location is in their best interest or not. While Dunmar Moving is always here to help with a business move, we want businesses to consider if this is a decision that could hurt them later. After all, no one wants to see local businesses make a move and then see their business slow to the point that they end up forcing them to close the doors.

Ask your customers and other businesses that you work with if a move to a new location is going to affect them? If you want to truly make customers see that this move is needed, explain the perks that a new location is going to offer. For example, you may be able to store more of a product or offer a wider variety of a product if you have a location with even more room.

Many businesses have a big portion of their space devoted to record storage. What if there was a way to get off site storage for these items, opening more floor space for your business? This could be a great option for those who truly do not want to move locations. Luckily, Dunmar does offer record management to businesses throughout the area. We store records in a climate and humidity controlled space, utilizing our own random storage pattern to ensure the safety of records in the building.

If you have decided that a business move is a necessity, then set your date and stick to it. Be sure to inform customers and the neighborhood in general of your new location and when the last day will be at your current location. Then call Dunmar Moving to schedule our professionals to help get you moved!

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